csa students group photo 2011

“This kind of sustained and personalized investment in our youth will help them achieve their full potential.”

Former Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino

Students as Citizens

Because the Academy is committed to helping students make informed decisions and participate in democracy as active thinkers and leaders, the curriculum focuses on citizenship in the 21st century and, more specifically, on what it means to be a responsible American in an interconnected world. In every field of inquiry—Writing & Speaking, Science and Technology, Quantitative Reasoning—Crimson Scholars explore issues of vital concern to their lives and their communities as they engage in academic work that resonates with this central theme, "The Student as Citizen." Crimson Scholars are challenged to think in new ways as they consider, debate, and interact with the multiple perspectives that make the experience of learning both authentic and challenging. Because the Academy considers successful admission to college a necessary step on the road to personal success, a course called "College Planning and Preparation" is a fundamental part of the curriculum.

The Academy’s integrated course of study continues from the first summer to the next. Teachers tailor their assignments and expectations toward individual excellence. The Harvard College students who serve as mentors assist in each class and offer individual academic support during daily study sessions, assuring that all Scholars receive the close attention they deserve.

During the summer preceding the senior year of high school, Crimson Scholars enroll in college-credit courses at the Harvard Summer School while continuing to avail themselves of the Academy’s resources and close personal support. Scholars meet regularly with the Academy’s college counselors to work on their college planning and application preparation, participate in study skills groups, and become role models for younger Scholars by assuming increased responsibility in community meetings and other events.